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Biodiversity Information Centre


BIS is now part of the first national network of Local Record Centres in the UK, known as Local Record Centre Wales, which aims to provide seamless biodiversity information to the whole of Wales.


Since 2001 BIS has collated and electronically stored over 1.6 million species records (April 2014) and this information is now readily available to its partners, local recorders, commercial environmental consultants and the public.  Bringing all this information into one system enables clear presentation of the data for all users and also facilitates its analysis and manipulation.


The information on habitats and species comes from many sources such as Natural Resources Wales, Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, and the Wildlife Trusts.


BIS is an independent ‘not-for-profit’ company, providing services to its Partners, in accordance with Service Level Agreements and also providing professional commercial services to other environmental organisations and consultants.


For more information see www.b-i-s.org


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