Your Members

There are 18 members of the National Park Authority, 12 appointed by the 7 unitary authorities with land in the National Park, and 6 recruited by the Welsh Government for their particular expertise. Authorities are encouraged to appoint councillors with wards wholly or at least partly in the National Park, but all Members make decisions for the National Park rather than their appointing authority.

Local authority appointed members usually serve for the local government election term (4 years) and Welsh Government appointment members for an initial term of 4 years with option for further terms subject to a review by the Minister for Natural Resources, up to a maximum of 8 years.

Members receive an annual Basic Salary for their work as well as payment for travel and subsistence. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Authority, the Chairman of the Planning Committee and the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee all receive a Senior Salary. You can view the Schedule of Member Remuneration and the amounts paid to members since 2008 in the Member section of the Library (see left hand navigation). You can also view all role descriptions in the library.

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