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Crickhowell Conservation Area Review Consultation Draft

03/09/2019 - Crickhowell Conservation Area Review Consultation Draft


Members considered a consultation draft presented by the Senior Heritage Officer.  The Heritage Champion welcomed the draft and the separation of Crickhowell and Llangattock in recognition that they were two different communities with distinct characteristics.  He encouraged the use of the document as a tool to complement the Place Planning work and conserve and enhance the heritage.  Officers confirmed that the conservation area process arose out of the place planning.


A member raised the issue of what period of architecture the conservation area was aiming to conserve, and highlighted the proposed omission of buildings from the 1960s while proposing to include much newer buildings.  He felt these were retrospective decisions.


The Biodiversity and Land Management Champion felt it was a very professional document and hoped that a similar one could be developed one day to demonstrate an equal understanding of the natural environment.


RESOLVED:  To approve the publication of the Crickhowell Conservation Area Appraisal (Consultation draft) for the purposes of an 8 week public consultation.