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Enabling Appropriate Development in the Countryside: Addendum

25/06/2019 - Enabling Appropriate Development in the Countryside: Addendum

Credit was given to the Policy Officer who was unable to be at the meeting but who had prepared this report and addendum to the policy.  It was noted that no responses had been received during the consultation period.


Members welcomed the focus on the vernacular style of buildings and recognised the need for Supplementary Planning Guidance to aid decision making at Planning, Access and Rights of Way Committee.  A member hoped that planning officers would remind members of the need to ensure good design when making planning decisions.  The Authority had heritage officer expertise.  It was noted that the recent RTPI Conference had highlighted the need for good design.


A member referred to the section on ‘raising the roof’ and highlighted an apparent conflict of statements.  Officers would review this.


RESOLVED:  That Members endorse the Addendum to Enabling Appropriate Development in the Countryside Supplementary Planning Guidance (NPA, March 2015) for the use in the determination of planning applications.