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Member Champion for Sustainable Economic Development

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Information about Member Champion for Sustainable Economic Development

Purpose of Role


To act as a champion for the strategic area both internally and externally, and to foster partnership working to further Park objectives.


Sustainable Economic Development


Work with officers to:

·     Bring new economic benefits from NP designation to local communities and their businesses  including Traineeships, business training partnerships, partnership work with regeneration bodies, sustainable product development and work with the farming community in support of conservation

·     Support Place Plan production and delivery

·     Support and develop a partnership approach to sustainable tourism development, playing a full part in implementation

·     Use the power of the UNESCO designation for Geopark to benefit the west of the Park

·     To empower businesses and communities to benefit from the NP designation sustainably, particularly through tourism and the Ambassador schemes

·     Support conservation land management and integrated access to the countryside to provide economic benefits, using marketing processes to carry messages about responsible tourism and visitor management