Agenda and minutes

Local Access Forum
Thursday, 7th September, 2017 2.00 pm

Venue: National Park visitor Centre, Libanus

No. Item


Welcome and Apologies (Chairman)

To receive apologies for absence.



IM welcomed members and observers. Apologies received from John Crellin, Steve Rayner - Canoe Wales and SWOPAG, Ruth Rourke – Monmouthshire County Council and Sarah Coakham – NRW



Confirmation of Minutes of Meetings held on 8th June 2017 (Chairman) pdf icon PDF 169 KB

To authorise the Chairman to sign the minutes as a true record of the previous meetings.



JA asked that Item 12 be amended as the BBNPA received one legacy and not two as stated and it was suggested, rather than stipulated, that the money went toward RoW and access work.

With the above amendments the minutes were accepted and the Chairman authorised to sign them as a correct record.



Matters Arising Not Otherwise Appearing on Agenda (Chairman)


Visitor Management - JA stated that there had been progress with the visitor management project and car parking in the Waterfalls area. A visitor management officer will be recruited as part of the project and it is hoped that local working groups are set up, RB had asked that each working group include a member of the LAF. Richard Tyler, Sustainable Tourism Manager BBNPA, will attend the next LAF meeting to update members.


Miles without stiles – RB had been contacted by Josie Pearson who is applying to the Sustainable Development Fund to help fund a pilot project. She is looking at 4-5 routes around Hay-on-Wye that will be available for individuals with disabilities.


Annual Report – There has been no progress with the annual report.


RoW delegation agreements – JA told members that outstanding agreements with constituent local authorities are being fine-tuned and are near completion.



British Standard for gaps, gates and stiles (Eifion Jones) pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Annex 1


EJ explained to members some of the proposed changes to the standards since the last version in 2006. The standards are not compulsory but are used as a guide. The proposed standards are more prescriptive based on least restrictive access. JA said that the specifications do not allow for land conditions, there are paths where physically there isn’t the room to meet the specifications. He is concerned that the Authority may be challenged by members of the public for not meeting the British Standard on RoW. CW agreed and thought that some of the detail was impracticable and biased towards urban paths rather than the countryside.

The LAF agreed to respond to the consultation to highlight the concerns raised.



ROWIP update (Eifion Jones) pdf icon PDF 241 KB

Annex 2


EJ updated members on the process and timetable for the ROWIP Review. As part of the review an evaluation of the degree to which the previous ROWIP has been delivered is required. EJ provided members with a table summarising the actions from the previous ROWIP and a summary of the progress against each action. EJ went through each point and asked members for their comments.



Rights of Way Consultations (Eifion Jones)


LAF members have recently received five ROW consultations. There has been one objection from a LAF member on the application to divert footpath no. 2 at Ty'n-y-cae, Glangrwyney.

JA declared an interest as Director of Countryside and having the delegated powers for decision making on Public Path Orders. JA left the room while the application was discussed by members. The application was marginally approved by members.

The remaining four applications were fully supported by LAF members.



Taking Forward Wales' Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Consultation (Chairman) pdf icon PDF 356 KB

Annex 3



IM thanked PD and PC for attending the sub group meeting to draft a response to the consultation and also to DH and DM for forwarding comments.

Members discussed the draft response to each of the proposals and agreed on amendments.

There was a lengthy discussion around proposal 10 and the majority of members agreed that the blanket approach to allow horse riding and cycling on footpaths will cause more issues such as potential for user conflict and an additional burden on local authorities.

IM welcomed Jack Thurston to the LAF meeting and invited him to comment on the proposals from a cycling perspective.

RB agreed to update the LAF response and forward to members before submitting to WG.



Information Items (Richard Ball / Lisa Lloyd)

Black Mountains SMS project

BBNPA events guidance


Black Mountains SMS Project – RB confirmed that the SMS bid had been accepted by WG and just over £1 million has been offered to the Black Mountains Land Use Partnership. Due to the late decision the partnership has applied for an extension to give 3 ‘field’ years to enable the work on the ground to be carried out.

BBNPA events guidance – LL confirmed that the events document has been translated and will be available on the website shortly.



Recruitment of LAF Members (Chairman / Richard Ball)


RB advised members that advertisements would go out the week beginning the 18th September with applications closing on 21st October. The appointments panel comprising four members of the National Park Authority will meet to go through applications and decide on appointments by 6th November. Successful appointments will take effect from 16th November (Date of the 1st meeting). RB encouraged members to re-apply and to spread the word and forward details to anyone interested.



Any Other Competent Business (Chairman)

Any other business as is, in the opinion of the Chairman, of such urgency as to warrant consideration.



There was nothing raised.



Dates for Future Meetings (Chairman)

Members will confirm the date of the next meeting



The date of the next meeting is November 16th 2017. 2pm at the National Park Visitor Centre, Libanus.