Draft minutes

Sustainable Development Fund Committee
Wednesday, 12th September, 2018 10.00 am

Proposed venue: Plas y Ffynnon, Cambrian Way, Brecon LD3 7HP

Contact: Helen Roderick or Ceri Bevan 

No. Item






BBNPA Members


Deborah Perkin (Chair) (Welsh Government)

Cllr Karen Laurie-Parry (Deputy Chair) (Powys CC)

Chris Coppock (Welsh Government)

Cllr Michael Jones (Powys CC)

Cllr Iain McIntosh (Powys CC)



Grant Advisory Panel Members


Sarah Coakham – Natural Resources Wales

John CoombeBrecknock Access Group

Ceri Davies – Brecon High School

Abi McCullough – Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust

Ella Morante – Brecon High School

Margaret Underwood – Voluntary Sector

Cllr Chris Walsh – Brecon Town Council

Mike Wright – The Charter Group



BBNPA Officers in Attendance:

Julian Akins – Chief Executive

Clare Parsons – Sustainable Development Manager

Helen Roderick - Sustainable Development Officer

Ceri Bevan - Sustainable Communities Officer



The afternoon meeting was preceded by a morning of site visits in the eastern area of the National Park and included: The Corn Exchange, Crickhowell, Monmouthshire, Brecon and Abergavenny Canals Trust Community Boat at Goytre Wharf, and Big Pit National Coal Museum – Mining Craft Apprentice Scheme.





The Chair welcomed the committee members and grants advisory panel.


Apologies were noted from:

BBNPA Members: Cllr Kevin Madge (Carmarthenshire CC)

GAP Members: Andrew King – Brecknock Bird Recorder, Joyce Morgan Gervis – Ty-mawr Lime Ltd, Cllr Richard Dixon - Llanelly Community Council, Cllr Bernard Watkins - Maescar Community Council, David Jones - Farmers Union of Wales.



Declarations of Interest


Cllr Chris Walsh declared an interest in agenda item 6 New Applications 6.iii and 6.iv (Powys County Council BID and the Brecon Town Council Visit Brecon project)

Cllr Iain Mackintosh declared an interest in agenda item 6 New Applications 6.iii (Powys County Council BID project) and a personal non-prejudicial interest in 6.iv (Brecon Town Council – Visit Brecon). Cllr Michael Jones and Cllr Karen Laurie Parry declared a personal non prejudicial interest in agenda item 6 New Applications 6.iii (Powys CC BID)





The Chair requested the following amendments to the minutes:

To add under item 1. ‘the Chair explained Cllr David Meredith was not present as he was no longer a member of the National Park Authority due to Powys CC asking him to stand down. The Chair expressed thanks to Cllr Meredith for his valuable input to SDF Committee meetings.’

To add under item 2.  ‘Personal non-prejudicial’ for both declarations of interest.


RESOLVED:  That the minutes of the SDF Committee meeting held on 27th June 2018 be accepted with amendments as agreed.



Matters Arising


Crickhowell Scout Hut floor – Helen Roderick explained the offer of a grant, subject to the condition of using a sustainable material, was deemed unachievable by the group. This was due to the additional time needed for sourcing product and an extended building schedule. She also confirmed that the original recommendation did not prescribe a specific material. She distributed a revised offer letter to National Park Authority members for their consideration and they agreed that the award of £5,000 should be granted.


There was detailed discussion about stipulating the use of sustainable materials within projects. Helen explained that use of sustainable materials is already agreed in the SDF grant guidelines. It was agreed that the Committee should make this a condition wherever possible. In order to achieve this the officers would ask the Planning Department for advice on the full range of products on the market so they will be able to help organisations increase the use of sustainable materials in SDF funded projects in the future.


AGL Energy Ltd – Helen Roderick updated the panel explaining that when she tried to arrange a meeting to address the issues raised in the June SDF meeting it transpired that the company had wound up. Therefore the grant offer of £5,000 was never formally offered to the company.


TheatrBrycheiniog Helen Roderick explained that the theatre was in a state of flux having recently received an injection of funding from Powys County Council. The Theatr would come back to the next SDF committee with their decision on whether they are able to continue with the multiuse/wet room project.


SDF Annual Report – the Chair reported the SDF Annual Report had been written but it had not yet gone to a full National Park Authority meeting. Helen Roderick stated the report had been circulated to the SDF Committee and Grants Advisory Panel for information. Margaret Underwood said she would be keen to see more of a balance between the economic and environmental sectors. The Chair noted the National Park Authority had a new governance structure and its Policy Forum was going to consider whether to target a portion of SDF to a specific priority area e.g. green energy, across the whole National Park. Julian Atkins also referenced the Minister’s Priority Statement “Valued and Resilient”, which contains the priority areas for the Welsh Government.


Match Funding – a sample grant offer letter was distributed, showing the inclusion of a new condition for all projects to secure match funding within three months of the SDF offer.


RESOLVED:   To circulate the Minister’s Report ‘Valued and Resilient’





Helen Roderick ran through the budget sheet giving an overview of projects which have not yet claimed their grant money as follows

PhD Moving the Park into a low carbon community – the person undertaking the PhD is off sick. The project will be completed but some of the allocation in 2017/18 might go into the next financial year.

Explosive Times – the Project Officer has requested to spend all of the budget in 2018/19. This is not an issue as the monies allocated to Explosive Times had been ring-fenced and held in reserve. The request could be facilitated and would not affect the budget.

Black Mountains College (BMC) – the project leaders were awaiting a final decision from Arwain. The Local Action Group (LAG) meeting had already taken place but was not quorate. Arwain have indicated BMC will have a final decision on Sept 19th 2018. 

Active Park for All Ages – the match funding from Sports Wales has been confirmed. Due to the delay the project has been re-phased and will start in January 2019.


Helen Roderick concluded this left £49,135 to allocate in 2018/19. However there could be additional monies available depending on the outcome of the Black Mountains College and Theatr Brycheiniog projects.





Applications before the panel amount to £32,822 for 2018/19.

Agenda item 6ii was brought forward to the first item as it involved a presentation from Manchester Metropolitan University and the meeting was already running over.


New Applications


       i.        Stroke in Young Adults: Outdoor Rehabilitation to Improve Outcomes

Applicant: Manchester Metropolitan University PhD.

Academic research undertaken in the Brecon Beacons National Park examining the effect of outdoor activity and green exercise on the quality of life of young adults who have suffered a stroke.


A detailed presentation was given by Dr. Hannah Jarvis, Research Associate, Manchester Metropolitan University and Prof. Neil Reeves, Professor of Musculoskeletal Biomechanics, Division of Physiology & Reconstructive Science, School of Health Care Science, Manchester Metropolitan University. This was followed by a question and answers session.

Both speakers left the meeting and the committee engaged in a comprehensive debate on the merits and potential risks of a large research project.  Fears about the risks were allayed by National Park managers’ current and prior experiences facilitating and managing research projects.




Application request   -    £9,084   in 2018/19    £16,575 in 2019/20   £14,189 in 2020/21 and £6,699 in 21/22

Application approved    £9,084   in 2018/19    £16,575 in 2019/20   £14,189 in 2020/21 and £6,699 in 21/22  

(49% of total project cost)    


GAP – 7 votes in favour         BBNPA members – 4 votes in favour 1 x abstention


As the award is in excess of £30,000 the application will be submitted to the next full National Park Authority meeting for ratification.



     ii.        Llangors Youth and Community  Centre Energy Efficiency

Applicant: Llangors Youth and Community Centre

Installation of a more energy efficient heating system together with improved internal and external lighting, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and running costs creating a more sustainable community facility.

Application discussed in full.



Application request                -           £5,525  in 2018/19

Application approved        -           £5,525 in 2018/19 

(38% of total project cost)


GAP – 7 votes in favour        BBNPA members – 5 votes in favour

Unanimous decision.


The grant awarded subject to condition of feedback from the groupon a six monthly basis the savings in electricity vs. current usage for the first 2 years following installation.


   iii.        Brecon Business Improvement District (BID) feasibility

Applicant: Powys County Council

Feasibility and development study for a Business Improvement District scheme in Brecon.

Application discussed in full.

Ceri Bevan explained Powys County Council is the facilitating Authority for this Welsh Government backed initiative supported by a steering group of stakeholders including Brecon Town Council, Brecon Beacons Tourism. Brecon Chamber of Trade and Brecon Beacons National Park Authority. Business Improvement Districts bring together businesses and other stakeholders in a defined geographical area, so they can develop projects and activities which drive economic regeneration.


Iain McIntosh and Chris Walsh left the room for the main discussion and vote, after answering questions for clarity, having declared an interest respectively as members of Brecon Chamber of Trade and of Brecon Town Council.



Application request                -           £2,000 in 2018/19    and     £7,125 in 2019/20

Application approved        -  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


SDF Annual Report


No time was available for discussion of the report which would be put on the agenda for the November SDF meeting








Date of next meeting


Wednesday 21st November 2018