Agenda and minutes

National Park Authority - Monday, 5th July, 2021 2.00 pm

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Contact: Julia Gruffydd or Angharad Hawkes  01874624337


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To receive and consider the attached Schedule of Correspondence and any recommendations thereon (below).

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Apologies were noted. Officers continued to address connectivity issues for new member Cllr Julian Amos.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of interest from Members relating to items on the agenda.  Members’ attention is drawn to the sheet attached to the attendance sheet and the need to record their declarations verbally and in writing, specifying the nature of the interest.


If Members have declared an interest in an item please ensure that you inform the Chair when you are leaving the room, so that this can be recorded in the minutes.


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No declarations of interest were made.



Public Speaking

To give opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting in accordance with the Authority’s Public Speaking Scheme.


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There were no requests to speak.



Chair's Announcements

To receive a verbal report on meetings and events attended by the Chair since the last meeting of the Authority.


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The Chair had no announcements to make.



Transition Director's Announcements

To receive a report from the Transition Director on meetings attended and progress made on Authority business since the last meeting of the Authority.


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The Transition Director advised that Sir David Henshaw (Chair, Natural Resources Wales) had accepted an invitation to address members on the phosphates issue.


She introduced two new members of staff:  Marc Ronan (Solicitor, Monitoring Officer and Data Protection Officer) and Jodie Bond (Public Affairs Manager).  Both officers addressed the meeting briefly.



Definition of Authority Governance Bodies pdf icon PDF 259 KB

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Members considered proposals to clarify the definition of the Authority’s committees, groups and fora, and were asked to agree a method of appointing Members to groups.  External groups involving stakeholders were not part of this report.


The Chair advised that he had refused a request to withdraw items 6 and 7 but proposed to let all members debate the issues.


Concern was expressed about the timing of this report and the fact that the Governance and Member Development Working Group had not had the opportunity to give their views prior to this meeting.  It was also noted that the working group was to meet on 9 July to discuss roles and responsibilities of members in relation to the Audit Wales action plan. 


There was a full debate on the merits of appointing to groups through the 2:1 balance required for committees or through self-nomination, and it was felt that no limit should be put on the number of groups on which a member could sit, in order to encourage skills and experience to be used widely.  There was support for the view that if a member was interested and had the time then they should be able to join a group.  The point was made that members not on a particular group would still have the opportunity to comment when the matter was debated at the Authority meeting.


Cllr S McNicholas joined the meeting and confirmed that she did not have any declarations of interest.


There were references to the paper at item 7 on the agenda and views were expressed that the working groups had not met regularly, or at all in some cases.  In response to a  comment that officers were deciding when they wanted member involvement the Transition Director advised that the new Chief Executive would no doubt take a view on how best to deliver the vision and what structures were needed, which was an operational matter. 


The Chair advised that the paper was brought by officers in good faith but he was now withdrawing the paper and asked Governance and Member Development Working Group to consider the matters.  He stressed that this would not be immediate.




Proposed amendments to Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation pdf icon PDF 79 KB

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Members considered recommendations to review the status of some governance bodies and proposed changes to the terms of reference.


The Chair proposed to omit recommendation (a) from the debate.


There was some discussion about the draft terms of reference for the Policy Programme Management Group and a view was expressed that it shouldn’t be limited to three members.  The Transition Director advised that this was a delivery group rather than an opportunity to develop policy, which was the remit of the Policy Forum.  While members’ views were valued there needed to be a balance between operational and strategic.


The point was made that logistics should not come into it now that meetings could take place virtually, and this enabled more members to get involved without needing to travel.




a)       To approve a change to the terms of reference of the Appointments Committee as set out in paragraph 1.2.3;


b)       To approve the terms of reference for the Policy Programme Group subject to amending the composition to up to six members, and removing the requirement for 2:1 balance between local authority appointed and Welsh Government appointed members.





Proposed amendment to Standing Order 8.9 pdf icon PDF 51 KB

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The Monitoring Officer proposed a change to Standing Order 8.9 to clarify the voting procedure. 


A member queried the phrase ‘written ballot’ in view of the fact that virtual meetings did not enable this.  The Officer agreed that replacing this with ‘secret ballot’ would cover this.  He advised that Standing Order covered virtual meetings which would anyway override 8.9.


RESOLVED:  To amend Standing Order 8.9 to read:  “if more than one nomination is received for any particular role then the role shall be elected by the Member candidate receiving the highest number of votes in favour.  Votes shall be cast by secret ballot.  Where no single Member candidate holds the highest number of votes in favour, then the Member candidate with the lowest number of votes shall be removed until one of the Member candidates has received the highest number of votes cast.



Member Reports

To receive any reports from members.

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Members noted a short report from the Landscape and Biodiversity Member Champion which had been published in the library.



Gifts & Hospitality

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No declarations were made.



Any Other Business

Any other business that the Chair considers of sufficient urgency and has been

notified to him in advance.

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No further business was discussed.