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Proposed Redundancy of Retail Administration Assistant Post

Meeting: 03/09/2019 - National Park Authority (Item 108)

108 Proposed Redundancy of Retail Administration Assistant Post

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Members considered recommendations in respect of a post previously agreed by the Authority to be at risk.  They reiterated their view that these matters were operational and sat within the delegation to the Head of Paid Service and asked the Monitoring Officer to expedite this change to the Scheme of Delegation.




a)  That Members endorse the operational decisions being taken in light of the consultation on the proposed redundancy to achieve the required budgetary savings without the need to make the post redundant.


b)  That Members note that the required savings have been achieved by: a) Reducing the contracted hours for the post from 858 hours per annum to 550 hours per annum b) Changing from a weekly contract to an annual contract, so that these hours could be flexible with the seasonal demands of the role.