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Affordable Housing Strategy

Meeting: 03/09/2019 - National Park Authority (Item 103)

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Members considered an amended strategy which was intended to ensure that all money collected for the provision of affordable housing within the National Park area was spent in accordance with the greatest areas of housing need.


Several members queried the omission of some local authorities in terms of housing need across the Park.  Officers advised that while there was a need for housing in those constituent authorities, this was generally not the case for the small amounts of land within the Park, and data had been used from current waiting lists.  However, they were happy revisit this.


In response to a question about whether commuted sums could be spent just outside the Park boundary officers advised that it was preferable to spend the money in the area in which it had been generated within the Park.


A member pointed out the difference between low cost housing for rent and for purchase and officers advised that they were guided by Welsh Government definitions on this.  Another member asked about prioritisation of spending and officers advised that there was no sales schedule and also that there were no settlements in the Torfaen part of the Park which would generate commuted sums.


Ms D Perkin left the meeting before completion of this item.




a) That members endorse the Affordable Housing Strategy (edition 3) for use in the processing of commuted sums collected by the Authority for the purposes of providing Affordable Housing.


b) That the previous edition of the Affordable Housing Strategy (edition 2, June 2018) be revoked.)